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Hello, my name is Illya D'Addezio.

I've loved genealogy and family history since I was nine years old, when I completed a family history project for school. There continues to be nothing as fulfilling and truly enjoyable as learning about my family's past!

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In 1999 I brought this passion to the Internet with my first website, Since then, I have created a family of websites -- all designed to highlight the needs and interests of people just like you. Whether you are new to genealogy or a veteran researcher, there will be something to spark your interest in our newsletter, Family Tree Digest.

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From the beginning, I have tackled one of the hardest elements of the Internet: keeping up with the new sites and services, including newsletters and search engines for new and updated genealogy information. In recent years, I have brought together a team of volunteers and professionals to bring you the news in genealogy.

We truly understand that the wealth of information available today on the Internet can be overwhelming and we strive to provide you with only the best, most relevant news, and it's all FREE!

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